Farm Fresh

Settled in 1906 by Joe Eller and Martha Jane Gammonfb_img_1478745352706, the farm has been home to family, share croppers, myself and my son. For years, the farm to market produce and fruits and feed crops, have been grown and harvested to offer the very best in freshness and

fb_img_1478747577631Now home to Seven Winds Kitchen , garden and orchard, that tradition is still very important today. We harvest and process fresh vegetables and fruits to vineyard4make delicious jams, jellies, pickles and relishes that you love to share with your friends and family. Home grown with care and Home made quality.



Sweet shots pair with fresh cayenne pepper and garlic to give a little "bite" to the sweet crisp pickle....great with any deli sandwich or just as a snack.


Sweet crisp pickles are a 14-day canning process. A true labor of love to make the perfect sweet pickle.


Picked and processed the same day, our cucumbers, garlic and dill are packed together to give you a crisp pickle you’ll be proud to serve or save for yourelf.


All our jellies are made with a low sugar recipe and fresh undiluted juice to give you the real taste of the home grown fruit. Your choice of muscadine, blackberry or pepper jelly: blueberry or blueberry /Strawberry jam: fig preserves or pear honey. Blueberry jam and pear honey are available sugar free.