Berta Gammon loved to share her homemade peanut brittle with family and friends. The original recipe,  given to Berta by a family member in the mid 1940's, was the basis for the melt-in-your-mouth treats she eventually perfected. By 1947, papery strands of confection, filled with fresh, crunchy peanuts, found their way into every holiday and birthday gift she gave. She continued to develop recipes, much to everyone's delight.

   In 1994, daughters Jane Gammon and Frances Scruggs opened Seven Winds Kitchen and Gift Shop in Logan, Alabama so they, too, could share their mother's art of candy making and gift giving. Berta is retired from day-to-day duties, but she is still a part of the business.

   Stop by our gift shop and sample our goodies while browsing through our shelves for those perfect treats and just-right gifts. Or contact us for more information about our beautiful gift baskets.

    Seven Winds unique peanut and pecan  brittle is made in small batches and stretched by hand into paper-thin pieces to create a delicate and delicious candy. Many more family recipes, most developed by Berta, have been added to our inventory.

   All of our products are made with the finest ingredients, in keeping with our family tradition of offering the best in Southern cooking.

   Our staff turns out mouth-watering delights such as Pralines, Fudge and Pecan Gems. Our large variety of tast-pleasing cakes, baked daily, include German Chocolate and Lemon Pound Cake. And no cookie jar would be complete without a dozen or two of our heart-warming cookies.

   In addition, our sweet jams and jellies, tangy relishes and crunchy pickles will leave you demanding more. Every jar is made in our kitchen with fresh-picked fruits and vegetables grown right here on our Logan-area farm.

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